The Stacks Coffeehouse Community Library

The Stacks is a coffee shop, but we’re also a community library. When we were designing the space, we knew we wanted to be surrounded by books, so we worked with artist Mike Suri to design and build beautiful 10 ft high bookshelves.

The books are here for everyone to enjoy, so please take a look around and find something to read. If you’d like to take a book home with you, we’ll ask you to sign up for a library card—which essentially just says that you’re a member of our community library, and that when you’re done with the book, you’ll return it. You can also choose to bring us something else another day, helping to grow and expand our library for everyone to enjoy. We won’t track what you borrow, everything is on the honor system. Your library card also works as a members only card, so be on the lookout for emails or announcements about special deals. (And no problem if you prefer not to get emails, just unsubscribe, and your library card will still work).

We’re always happy to accept book donations. If you have books on your shelf that you no longer need (and Powell’s won’t buy them back), we’d love to take them off your hands. If you’re an author or a publisher interested in making sure your work is in the space, we’d be honored. Thank you for helping spread the joy of books to neighbors and fellow travelers. Books can be dropped off anytime we’re open, or email us at to make special arrangements.

Thanks for being part of our community library! We hope you enjoy the books as much as we do.

Library Card

Anyone can get a library card from The Stacks, as long as you promise to be a positive member of the community (i.e. take care of the books, return them when you’re done, share with friends and neighbors). Fill out the information below and then check with us the next time you’re in the shop to see if we have your card ready. Depending on demand, it might take a few days to process.

What about kids? Due to privacy laws, kids under 13 can’t sign up on our official library card list, but we’re happy to make a library card for kids! Just ask us for one the next time you’re in the shop.


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