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Would you like something to read with that?


Open 6:30am-6pm

1831 North Killingsworth St., Portland, OR.

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We’re a neighborhood coffee shop

filled with books.

We serve Roseline Coffee and Smith Tea, along with homemade breakfast tacos, assorted pastries and desserts. We also have nearly fifty feet of 10-foot high bookshelves, filled with books. The books are here for everyone to read and discover, and if you really want to keep reading something…you’re even welcome to take it home. See our library page for more info about how to get a card.


Tex-Mex Style Breakfast Tacos

We love tacos. Especially the Tex-Mex style of breakfast tacos that are a staple in Mary’s hometown of Austin, Texas—simple, delicious ingredients and perfectly scrambled eggs in a well-made flour tortilla, preferably with a bright green spicy jalapeno sauce (we call ours La Bisabuela). They’re the perfect size for here or to go, and if you’re hungry, go ahead and order two or three. Check out the menu for more detail.